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spring daisies sign

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring. You are welcomed again to our little part of the world. What a delight to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces again. The paddocks are a thrilling bright green hue. The Capeweed has begun to flower, and so we gaze out upon highly saturated yellows and greens.  The Adelaide Hills radiate yellow; blossoms abound. Happy days,…


Hello Blossom!

Or, Spring is in the air… A bee is as seduced as I by the scent emanating from these blossoms. Here is a list (not definitive nor complete); proof that Spring is just days away: The chickens have begun to lay again. I can stand on the deck with my morning cup of tea at 6.30am to watch the rising…


Why, hello, yellow!

Or, Spring is nigh; Winter, your days are numbered… The wattle, an explosion of gold, I simply had to stop the car and record the abundance of blossoms. It took ages to get home because as my eye had been attuned to ‘yellow’, I stopped and took photos of anything yellow that caught my attention. I dropped in to see…