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Make me! Affirmation angels

Or, New Year, new you! As this post is made, it’s New Year’s Day today.  Despite what may have been, this day has a special resonance for most; it’s a re-set, a new start, another chance to make good, be good, do good. There are a million (literally more no doubt) affirmations that can be found on the Internet.  I…


The Book Week “Gruffalo” costume project

Or, a description of the steps behind the making of the costume.   Every year primary school students in Australia celebrate “Book Week”.  This is an opportunity for children to spend school time meeting authors of children’s books and sharing favourite books with one another.  Sylvie’s school traditionally ends the week with a dress up day, where students can dress…


The Glitter Feather Bouquet

Or, isn’t glitter gorgeous? The Glitter Feather Bouquet   We don’t have a garden as such.  There are paddocks and a pine forest and gum trees and an old orchard that produces fruit that benefits no one as the Rosellas pick the fruit off the branches before they have a chance to ripen.  (The blossoms the orchard trees produce are…