Palas Glitter 2 FINAL

Watercolour metals & my 7 day silver & gold challenge

I have set myself a 7 day challenge to create an illustration a day for 7 days to see if I can improve on my ability to paint metals.  A 7 day watercolour boot camp of sorts, with a theme.  I gathered all sorts of household items together, pretty fish knives with ornate blades, gold chains, dull metal pinking shears, an old metal tape measure, as individual subjects, all very interesting, but I wanted the subjects to have a consistent look that I could work from that would hold my interest over 7 works and allow me to see at the end of the set time, any progress that I had made.

Luckily, I am the proud owner of some very special Palas Jewellery charms.

As subjects in my watercolour challenge this range of charms are the perfect fodder; small in scale, consistent in size, but all individual in design, featuring differing combinations of metals and finishes and of course, the Palas Jewellery signature of charming phrases ranging from one of my favourites featured in this first challenge (“Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins”) to my all time number one of:

 “shake it out shake it out”

I own this charm and it’s sort of talisman like for me, when I know I’m going to have one of those days, I wear this charm. I love it’s positive modern wit and suggested solve to stressful moments.  (“shake it out”: Just think of doing the hokey pokey and shaking all about, it works, it really does!)


I shan’t go on too much today about technique (I shall in the next post). If you’re interested in this challenge and how it works out, you might like to have a peek at the Palas Jewellery range and see what I’m working from.  I dare you not to find a charm that resonates with you or someone you know…  it’s a gorgeous range designed by an amazingly dynamic and inspiring lady, the lovely Anna Dimond.

Here’s the link to the Glitter charm:

Until tomorrow, when I shall post #2 Palas Jewellery charm of my 7 day silver and gold watercolour challenge.

Happy days,



Palas Glitter 2 FINAL

My second and final version… “Some girls are just born with glitter in their veins” Palas Charm (

Palas Glitter 1

This is my first attempt, if you look at the second attempt you can see I became more daring with the darker tones.



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