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Watercolour metals challenge: Day 6, Embracing the serendipitous

Or, it just might not turn out as you first expected… and that’s ok too.

Another way of looking at the idea that it’s the journey that most matters and the destination is often a surprise bonus.

This is my 6th charm in my watercolour challenge (read the intro post here

I feel that I am working more swiftly, and this is due to a greater sense of confidence… I believe I can and I somehow manage, it’s not exactly what I imagined, it’s not perfect, I can see much room for improvement, but I enjoyed the process; the mental rehearsing, the planning, the tracing, the inking in of text, the painting; THE DOING.

I’m certainly getting my eye in and learning new tricks that I can rely on to produce a specific result and I’m happy with this progress.  I enjoyed discovering a new use for the masking fluid that thrills me so… I worked it over the edges of the inked text to mimic the reflection from the flash that can be seen in Palas Jewellery’s original photograph.

Believe you can charm watercolour illustration

A watercolour illustration of the ‘Believe you can and you will’ charm by Palas Jewellery (link provided at end of post).

Masking fluid is delicious fun

Here’s my first attempt below, can you see the major differences?  On a whim, I used a line of masking fluid on the letter “B” (of believe) to see if it would help explain the highlight shine from the flash that you can see in the original photograph. Motherhood and weekends collided and I left the prepped drawings until today when I carved out some time to paint them.  I completely forgot I did this and when I came to the wash of gold, discovered to my surprise that I had a) applied the masking fluid in the first place and b) and more importantly, that I could use this effect…  A serendipitous moment for me, and I have added this technique to my growing bag of tricks.

Believe you can charm watercolour illustration first attempt

This is my first attempt, you can see on the “B” that I experimented with masking fluid, I liked the effect, so used it on my second attempt.


Here’s the link to the ‘Believe you can’ charm:

You can compare my efforts to this image, it’s the one I worked from.


Jump in and take a peek at all the other beautiful charms at Palas Jewellery:


How to embrace the serendipitous

There will always be unavoidable changes to plans, unforeseen events (be they happy or sad) or just plain old “I’m going to run with this fabulous moment now, and continue with the activity that’s currently making my heart sing”.  This eats into planned ‘carved out for me’ blocks of time or devours it completely.  This used to frustrate me… I’m better with it now.  I embrace the serendipitous, whether it be watercolour paints on stretched paper or deciding it’s such a fan-tab-u-lous day that we need to press ‘pause’ on routine and do something to reslish the moment.


Wishing you happy times today:

whether you’re absorbed in your favourite past-time


if you have chosen to embrace the serendipitous… either is a salve to the soul.


Believe you can 600px

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