Heart charm for blog

Watercolour metals challenge: Day 4 Speed golf & the art of letting loose

Day 4 of the watercolour challenge… painting metals for 7 days.

Heart charm for blog

Speed golf painting: the result, a looser effect, not perfect but this exercise taught me a little about being more confident with jumping in and painting directly… see it and make the brush stroke on the paper. Relax! You can always get another sheet and try again.


I’m still finding my feet in terms of my preferred watercolour style.  I have been reading about and looking at several different styles that can be achieved using the watercolour medium.  They range from very tight to very loose.  Think delicate and accurate botanical art vs bleeding edges in soft landscapes.  I set myself the task of painting loosely today.  I feel I’m verging on the too finiticky….  I want some colour bleed and loose edges, to give myself permission for a few serendipitous effects and see if I like the results.


I call it speed golf painting.


Before becoming a mother, I played and enjoyed a good amount of golf.  I loved it, loved playing it, loved reading about it, loved thinking about it before I went to sleep, loved watching it on TV.  Stay with me sports ‘phobes…


One of the bizarre coaching techniques I read about was called speed golf.  Speed golf requires you to walk up and hit the ball, instead of addressing that ball and doing your fancy wiggle and digging your heels in and taking a peek up the fairway at your target and then beginning the entire routine again…  To play speed golf, you find your ball, look at the target, grab a club and WITHOUT THOUGHT, hit the ball.  It’s loose and you’re letting your natural instinct come into play, literally.  I was an advocate of playing a few rounds of speed golf a month.  It truly improved my game.

And thus, I coin the phrase:

Speed golf painting.

This heart charm illustration was prepared as in previous posts, (pre-drawn) then I just let go and worked fast; sometimes in this example, so fast that there was too much bleed.  Making these errors and knowing they were going to occur is a satisfying sort of freedom, it confirms you understand some elements of technique and also allows you to see what will happen… and learn some more… embrace the incidental.

I enjoyed my experimentation today. If you’re busy learning a new technique in any of the painting fields, why not apply the speed golf concept to the activity?  You never know what you might discover.

Happy days,



Here is the link to the Palas Jewellery charm: the heart.  Have a look and see how my speed painting illustration compares to the photograph.



You might like to look at some of the other charms I have painted in this challenge and compare how loose this illustration is to the other 3.

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