spring daisies sign

Hello Spring!

spring daisies signHello Spring. You are welcomed again to our little part of the world.

What a delight to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces again.

The paddocks are a thrilling bright green hue. The Capeweed has begun to flower, and so we gaze out upon highly saturated yellows and greens.  The Adelaide Hills radiate yellow; blossoms abound. Happy days, daisy chains, lunching on the deck, bouncing on the trampoline. The soil warming, the awakening of the floral delights we so missed in Winter.

Sylvie collected bunches and bunches of Capeweed daisies and we sat and strung together a very long chain.  What to do with our chain?  We decided to make a message that we can read in the depths of winter to remind us of this bright sunny day.

Why not rediscover a childhood past time and spend an idle hour or so making daisy chains?  And if you’re reading this in the depths of winter, make a note in your calendar to set aside some time to make a daisy chain when the season turns.  These small moments of serendipity that we allow ourselves are sometimes the most special don’t you think?

Wishing you happy days,



Sylvie’s beloved Sydney Bear, feeling grand in a crown of Capeweed daisies.

Capeweed daisies

Daisies gathered from the paddocks ready to be made into Spring daisy chains.

spring daisies sign





  1 comment for “Hello Spring!

  1. Mary Carmen
    September 21, 2014 at 9:01 pm

    How beautiful and what a great idea nice to hear from you and welcome back to life.

    Lots of love and kisses

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