grumpy cat t shirt laughing for blog

Grumpy cat drawing challenge & super easy t-shirt project

Or, Sylvie’s “Things to thrill Sylvie” Pinterest board provides yet more holiday activity inspiration…

grumpy cat t shirt laughing for blog

Please visit a Pinterest board I have created for Sylvie.

We use this board as inspiration for projects we like to do together.  Many of the images inspire Sylvie to illustrate what she has picked out.  We’re huge “Grumpy cat” fans and so I couldn’t resist pinning the beautifully laid out diagram I stumbled upon showing a step by step method of drawing “Grumpy cat”.  I printed out the diagram and let Sylvie do her thing with her pencils in her room.  The result was so marvellously graphic I decided it would look super on a t-shirt.

I photographed the illustration (too large for my scanner), uploaded the image, isolated the image (using the magic wand in Photoshop), resized it a little larger to fit on a size 7 t-shirt (from Target $3), reversed the image, printed it onto transfer paper, cut the excess white paper off around the perimeter of the image and ironed the transfer on.  Sylvie is delighted with the result and simply couldn’t stop giggling as I took these snaps.

Easy afternoon project that my little girl just loved.

Here is the link to the pin Sylvie worked from.

Here is a link to the wonderful art blog that this pin links to (and the “How to draw Grumpy cat” post itself).

And the element that gave me the biggest thrill?  Using a diagram from Pinterest that had been given as a gift to the world by another creative soul, and seeing my little one’s interpretation of the idea.

Creativity. Pass it on.

Happy days,


how to draw grumpy cat

Please visit to find the original post for this image.

Sylvie's original illustration 4 blog

This is Sylvie’s version created using the instructional diagram from the blog:


grumpy cat t-shirt reversed blog

Grumpy cat image isolated and reversed, resized to fit on an A4 sheet of transfer paper.

t shirt alone hanging for blog

Here is Sylvie’s new t-shirt, she is delighted with the result.

Sylvie grumpy cat for blog

Sylvie’s “Grumpy cat” face (between the giggles)…

denim jacket grumpy cat for blog

No doubt will be a favourite holiday t-shirt.

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