finished bottles BETTER

Fairy party “Blossom Nectar Bubble Pop” labels

This is a super swift way to dress up soda pop bottles for a party table.

finished bottles BETTER

It’s super easy and pretty quick to personalise standard soda bottles for a children’s party.  It makes for a lovely effect on the table, the label can incorporate an extra pop of colour, or include a personal message to the birthday child.  You will need to make a label (I use Photoshop, that’s all I have at the moment), print it out on your computer (or for bulk number’s take it to an Officeworks or Kinkos), guillotine the edges so they’re straight (or use scissors if that’s all you have at hand), remove the original labels from the bottle and use a glue stick to affix your personalised label onto the bottle. Simple and very cute!

blossom nectar bubble pop

The bottle’s original label was stripped off and measured to provide the dimensions for the label that I drew up quickly in Photoshop. Yes, I have nicked a “Flower fairy” image from the internet to pop on these bottles, (but you can use your own design, or scan in a drawing from your child). The bottles are to be used at the fairy party and are not for sale; I don’t make any money from this blog at all… I’m just trying to show readers out there that it’s easy to dress up simple elements of a child’s birthday party to add a bit more magic to the day, you don’t need to be a professional artist or designer! So go wild and personalise, rip off the bottle’s original labels and add your own. Children delight in specially named items.  This label is 10cm high x 28 cm wide (the width of an A4 page) and printed out on my home Epson printer. Easy!



blossom nectar labels instructions

Did you see that my printer doesn’t print completely to the edge of the paper? I cut the LHS’s extra white vertical edge off, but the RHS’s white edge remains, that becomes the underneath tab for the LHS’s “colour to the edge” to stick to for a seamless effect. Incorporating stripes into your design also helps with lining up the labels when they are being stuck onto the bottles.


CU of label


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