Simply lovely

Joy, bliss, simple stuff that makes me happy.


Summer gifts

Or, why is the grass always greener? As I write this post today, the 19th December, the forecast temperature is 43 degrees, (that’s 109.4 in Fahrenheit).  Should we reach this figure, it will be the hottest day in December in South Australia for 80 years.  I will say that this is considered very hot, and truly out of the ordinary.…


Hello Blossom!

Or, Spring is in the air… A bee is as seduced as I by the scent emanating from these blossoms. Here is a list (not definitive nor complete); proof that Spring is just days away: The chickens have begun to lay again. I can stand on the deck with my morning cup of tea at 6.30am to watch the rising…


Why, hello, yellow!

Or, Spring is nigh; Winter, your days are numbered… The wattle, an explosion of gold, I simply had to stop the car and record the abundance of blossoms. It took ages to get home because as my eye had been attuned to ‘yellow’, I stopped and took photos of anything yellow that caught my attention. I dropped in to see…