Feel the thrill of encountering beautiful and clever creations that have inspired me and made me happy. I hope they will make you happy too.



Or, bespoke is best. Thirty-eight years ago I was given a doll for Christmas.  She arrived boxed, wearing a gaudy ankle-length pink gingham dress, with a broderie-anglaise collar and cheap white plastic shoes.  Her eyes opened and closed and what set her apart in the doll market at the time was that she had the ability to lengthen and shorten…


Things that need to stay the same….

Or, please don’t ever change Dior Creme Abricot Fortifying Cream for Nails. 1963… Since 1963… This brilliant product has been helping keep cuticles chic across the world since 1963. If you are diligent and apply the cream to each of your fingernails every night just before you sleep, you will see beautiful results.  You only need the smallest amount for…


I’m in love with… Peace roses

Swoon! Every year my climbing Peace rose offers to us the most beautiful of blooms, despite the harsh growing conditions; the wind, and the very low temperatures.  As the days become warmer the roses open and release their delicate scent.  This year my Peace rose is flowering with abundance. Each day I pick more blooms and add them to my…