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The Dr Scholl’s sandal = happy feet.

Or how small things can evoke a rush of memories.   Scent is said to have an immediate power to transport us to a moment in our past, whether it be a bad time or good. This is widely accepted; most of us can quickly think of a scent that zooms us back to a moment in time, or evokes a face,…

Revlon Red Varnish image alone 15cm high

Classic reds: Revlon Red Nail Varnish

What would “The Wizard of Oz” be without Dorothy’s red shoes?  Where would Revlon be today were it not for their classic nail varnishes, the forerunners of our modern nail lacquers?  It was the era of the Great Depression. Two brothers and a chemist decided to try to create a new formula for nail polish, using pigments instead of dyes that created a…


Rediscovered rituals

Or, how old friends become reacquainted again. Last century, 1991. Early 20-something single female living solo for the first time. Her own TV, her own front door key, her own washing machine, her own stereo… Her own fridge. Contents of fridge owned by early 20-something single female living solo for the first time (in order of then importance): Chanel nail…