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Hello! I'm LaraJane. Welcome to, a blog dedicated to making your world (and mine) a happier place. I'm a maker, a mother, a writer and a seeker of the lovely in life. I want to share what I find, create and discover with you. I will be regularly posting my original clever craft ideas and the inspiration behind them. Happy days! LaraJane.

spring daisies sign

Hello Spring!

Hello Spring. You are welcomed again to our little part of the world. What a delight to feel the warmth of the sun on our faces again. The paddocks are a thrilling bright green hue. The Capeweed has begun to flower, and so we gaze out upon highly saturated yellows and greens.  The Adelaide Hills radiate yellow; blossoms abound. Happy days,…

Believe you can 600px

Watercolour metals challenge: Day 6, Embracing the serendipitous

Or, it just might not turn out as you first expected… and that’s ok too. Another way of looking at the idea that it’s the journey that most matters and the destination is often a surprise bonus. This is my 6th charm in my watercolour challenge (read the intro post here I feel that I am working more swiftly, and this…

milk botttle and muffin

Make me! Happy muffins

Or, muffins made without dairy, glutens and excess sugars, but still yummo!   In the spirit of ‘have a go’ I have devised a pretty simple recipe for muffins that is easy to make, meets my criteria of being reasonably low in sugars (you can skip the dates and other fruits if you wished) and isn’t chock full of butter and…