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Hello! I'm LaraJane. Welcome to, a blog dedicated to making your world (and mine) a happier place. I'm a maker, a mother, a writer and a seeker of the lovely in life. I want to share what I find, create and discover with you. I will be regularly posting my original clever craft ideas and the inspiration behind them. Happy days! LaraJane.

The Dr Scholl’s sandal = happy feet.

Or how small things can evoke a rush of memories.   Scent is said to have an immediate power to transport us to a moment in our past, whether it be a bad time or good. This is widely accepted; most of us can quickly think of a scent that zooms us back to a moment in time, or evokes a face,…

finished bottles BETTER

Fairy party “Blossom Nectar Bubble Pop” labels

This is a super swift way to dress up soda pop bottles for a party table. It’s super easy and pretty quick to personalise standard soda bottles for a children’s party.  It makes for a lovely effect on the table, the label can incorporate an extra pop of colour, or include a personal message to the birthday child.  You will…

grumpy cat t shirt laughing for blog

Grumpy cat drawing challenge & super easy t-shirt project

Or, Sylvie’s “Things to thrill Sylvie” Pinterest board provides yet more holiday activity inspiration… Please visit a Pinterest board I have created for Sylvie. We use this board as inspiration for projects we like to do together.  Many of the images inspire Sylvie to illustrate what she has picked out.  We’re huge “Grumpy cat” fans and so I couldn’t resist…